Fairview Meadows

the ultimate wedding venue for Virginia weddings

Welcome to Fairview Meadows, where the essence of your love story is echoed in the serene whispers of nature.

Here, every vow taken under our starlit skies harmonizes with the gentle lull of the pond's waves, crafting moments of heartfelt sincerity. Our wooden arbor, poised elegantly by the pond, frames your 'I do's' in a scene as picturesque as any painting, inviting the open fields and the gentle murmur of trees to stand as witnesses to your union. As the melody of nature envelops you, every moment at Fairview Meadows is imbued with a touch of magic, transforming your wedding day into a beautiful commencement set against the backdrop of the land's innate wonder.


At Fairview Meadows, we offer three wedding packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each one brings its own magic to your special day.

Looking for a break? Our corporate retreats offer relaxation. Or escape for a weekend in our private suite. It's like a secret garden, where love gets a fresh start.


Located in Central Virginia in the heart of Spotsylvania County, this historical estate boasts 300 years of beauty and charm.

Virginia natives, Stefan and Grace fell in love with the natural beauty of the surroundings and aim to create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

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your love story is our greatest inspiration

Explore our land at Fairview Meadows. Enjoy the serene and calmness around the pond and joy in our woods, alive with laughter and dance.

crafting a day that will be sung by the stars for generations to come

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